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Lamb Nourishment

Nourishment of lambs, for the purpose of getting higher quantities of good quality meat in a short period of time is very intensive, so lambs are additionally fed, starting as early as  3 to 4 weeks old, with high quality concentrated mixtures. Lamb fattening periods vary depending on type of required product and  time of getting  fattened lambs. In the process of the so-called accelerated fattening of weaned lambs, as the most widespread type of fattening, at the age of six months, lambs weigh 40 to 50kg, at the growth rate of 300 to 350gr per day and daily consumption of 0.4 to 0.7kg of feed.

  • Lambs should be given additional feed during the first month of their life, in the form of good quality hey and concentrated granular feed
  • Should health or technology related problems ever occur, seek expert help in due curse