Dairy cow
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Dairy Cow Nourishment

Nourishment of a high yielding  dairy cow  should ensure, first of all, good heath and condition of the animal, as well as a normal lactation period lasting 300 days, more numerous lactations during exploitation, maximum quantity of milk of optimal chemical composition and giving birth to a healthy, vital calf once a year.

  • Nourishment of high yielding dairy cows should be balanced with milk production:
  • Bulk feed should be given at own discretion;
  •  Concentrate should be balanced with production;
  • Cows should be given free access to water at all times during the day.
  • Breeders should use high quality and healthful feed produced by a reliable and proven producer
  • Disinfection and disinfestation measures should be implemented at the farm systematically
  • Should health or technology related problems ever occur, seek expert help in due curse