Calves and Steers
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Calves and Steers Nourishment

Nourishment of calves is organized with an intention of satisfying high requirements related to intensive growth and development of these animals. In the period of development, calves, particularly those weighing between 100 – 250kg, gain between 1.2 and 1.5 kg in body mass per day.
Well-grown calves are later transferred to steer fattening process characterized by high growth in muscle and fatty tissue. Male steers are selected for fattening more frequently than their female counterparts due to faster growth, better feed conversion and meat quality they achieve. Nourishment of steers can be based on meals containing various proportion of bulk and concentrated feed components, but the best results are achieved by the so called “baby beef” fattening diet with the use of concentrated meals that ensure daily growth of 1.2 to 1.5kg with consumption of 6 to 7kg of mixtures per one 1kg of growth.

  • Additional  feed should be given as early as the first month in the form of complete mixture for calves, combined with quality hey
  • Calves should have unlimited access to drinking water
  • In the weaning period, a concentrated component should be given with every meal. Upon dividing into groups for fattening purposes, removing of parasites should be carried out. Concentrate should be given with every meal. Hay can be given at own discretion.
  • If steers are fattened using silage, the concentrated portion of the meal should be mixed with silage.