Fattening pigs
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Fattening Pigs Nourishment

When they gain 25kg of body mass, piglets are divided into groups, consisting of piglets of similar weight and placed into pre-fattening pens. Until day 25th of the pre-fattening, a triage (sorting piglets into groups) should be finished along with equalization of litters  (forming litters with fattening piglets of equal weight). Then, the piglets are further fattened  until they reach the weight between 95 and 110kg, which is the sign that the fattening period is over.

Considering such a high growth rate per unit of time, nourishment of fattening pigs  is based on high quality, concentrated mixtures of vegetable and mineral nutrients.  In addition to basic nutrients, mixes must contain sufficient quantities of microelements and vitamins in an optimum proportion.  Also, the mixes should include other permitted additives that prolong the shelf-life of feed (antioxidants), improve feed digestion (enzymes), provide faster and larger growth (amino acids).

  • Fattening piglets should be classified into groups based on their weight whereupon  removing of parasites should be thoroughly done
  • Feed should be given based on recommendations from producer manuals
  • Implement all disinfection and disinfestation  measures on the farm according to the set program
  • Secure enough fresh air in the fattening building
  • In case of occurrence of heath or technology related problems, seek expert help in due course