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Piglet Nourishment

Breeding piglets from weaning until they are transferred to fattening section is one of the most sensitive segments in intensive pig breeding. At the time of weaning, depending on the breeding system, piglets are unaccustomed to consumption of feed other than sow milk, their enzyme system is still relatively undeveloped and  they are exposed to multiple stresses (weaning, regrouping). On the other hand, this period is characterized by a particularly intensive growth  in a short period of time, with low consumption of feed per unit of growth.
In the first weaning period (weaning to 15kg of body mass) piglets maintain an average daily growth of 250 to 350g  with the feed conversion of 1.6 to 1.8kg/per kg of growth. In the period of growth (15 to 25kg of body mass) piglets realize an average daily growth of 350 to 450 g  with feed conversion of 2.2 to 2.5kg/per kg of growth.
Considering such a high growth rate per unit of time (in 55 days piglets increase their body mass fivefold), nourishment of piglets is based on high quality, concentrated mixtures of vegetable and mineral nutrients.  In addition to basic nutrients, mixes must contain sufficient quantities of microelements and vitamins in an optimum proportion.  Also, the mixes should include other permitted additives that prolong the shelf-life of feed (antioxidants), improve feed digestion (enzymes), provide faster and larger growth (amino acids).

  • 5-7 days old creep feeding piglets  should be started on an additional diet and that is when it is necessary to ensure they have access to fresh drinking water at all times
  • feed in feeding troughs must always be pure and fresh
  • It is necessary to ensure optimal temperature in premises during the fist days of their lives
  • It is particularly necessary to carefully feed piglets in the first 5-7 days of post weaning period  in order to avoid causing digestive problems
  •  Production results should be monitored and registered
  • Disinfection and disinfestation  measures should be taken in farrowing and weaning premises
  • Piglets should be given quality feed produced by a reliable and proven producer