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Turkey nourishment

Turkey breeding  is a  type of production that gains  significance, and we also have  a long lasting tradition of breeding domestic sorts of turkeys. However, there is a growing demand in the market for meat of very young, fattened small turkeys. This type of production uses fleshy sorts of turkeys obtained through a long-term, careful selection. Basic characteristic of such a  turkey is quite an intensive growth in a very short period of time, with minimum consumption of feed per unit of growth..
Having in mind the exceptionally high growth rate per unit of time (in 416 weeks a turkey gains 50-60 times  its original weight) nourishment of turkeys is based on high-quality concentrated feed mixes of vegetable and mineral origin. In addition to basic nutrients, mixes must contain sufficient quantities of microelements and vitamins in an optimum proportion.  Also, the mixes should include other permitted additives that prolong the shelf-life of feed (antioxidants), improve feed digestion (enzymes), provide faster and larger growth (amino acids), desirable color of subcutaneous fatty tissue (carotenoids), or prevent incidence of the so called breeding diseases (coccidiostatic agents).

  • During the first month of fattening, it is necessary to ensure adequate room temperature in the fattening premises
  • Producer of feed should not be changed during a fattening cycle
  • Small turkeys should be fed  a quality and healthful livestock feed in granular form, in accordance with the producer instruction manual
  • Even living conditions should be maintained in each and every part of the premises.
  • Should health or technology related problems ever occur, seek expert aid in due curse.