Layng hens
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Laying Hens Nourishment
Egg production is one of the most intensive production activities, having in mind that just one laying hen lays 10 times its own weight in egg mass per year. To endure this, hens have to be fed a mixture that provides sufficient quantities of all necessary nutrients in optimal combination. Type of selected mixture for laying hens should not be changed too often. One of the most essential factors to be considered is the quality of proteins, since 80-85% of consumed amino acids is used for production of eggs and, therefore, deficient quantity of any amino acid  may lead to decrease in laying  and in size of laid eggs.
In the earlier stages of egg-laying ability,  in addition to providing nutrients necessary for  maintaining egg production, it is also necessary to provide amino acids necessary for growth,  for hens to achieve the desirable body weight. Later, after the 50th week of laying activity, one should avoid making changes in the adopted mixture structure. Due to specific requirements of such egg production, of essential importance are hens’  calcium and phosphorus needs Up to 65% of consumed calcium should be in the form of grains 2-4mm in size – the so called “grit”.

  • Feed as recommended
  • Abide by light regime and other norms suggested by laying hens breeder
  • Disinfect equipment prior to installing
  • Secure enough fresh air
  • Monitor production results