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Nourishment of poultry is a complex physiological-biochemical process during which nutrients from feed are converted into certain components of animal body. Through nourishment, it is possible to improve cost effectiveness of poultry production. In short, in order to have a successful production, poultry must be fed all necessary nutrients in quantity and proportion that will satisfy their needs. 
  Pig and pig meat production in our country is a very important branch of industry – in fact, pork meat has become a product of major significance for nutrition of Serbian population, food processing industry and exports.

Composition of pork meat depends not only on hereditary factors but also on intensity of feeding and meal contents. Based on the knowledge and understanding of the above facts STO POSTO has  gained,  the factory now produces complete, supplemental mixtures and vitamin-mineral premixes for all sorts and categories of pigs, the use of which ensures more cost effective production of larger quantities of quality meat. 
  Nourishment of ruminants is very complex due to the developed microflora in their pre-stomach compartments performing the so called “enrichment’ of vegetable feed. Thus, animal origin food products of high biological value are obtained from  relatively low-quality vegetable nutrients ruminants consume. Nutritional needs of low-productive animals can be satisfied by the use of bulk feed (grass, hey , silage) only, while highly-productive animals need a concentrated portion of daily meals based on production characteristics. 
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